If you want to enjoy your backyard to its fullest potential, building a patio is a great place to start. Whether you want a patio made of pavers, concrete, natural stone or flag stone, we have the expertise to turn your backyard into your dream oasis.

Our experts are well trained in patio construction ensuring that the base is built correctly to prevent structural damage and drainage issues. In addition, we are well trained in embellishing patios with designs, sitting walls, built-in grills, outdoor kitchens and more! We also hold the prestigious ICPI certification indicating our high level of knowledge and skill in paver installation.

If you are interested in sustainable solutions, there are many options which allow you to “go green” when constructing a driveway or a patio. Permeable pavers and permeable concrete promote storm water management, while pavers with a high SRI helps reduce the heat island effect. Our awareness of new technology and tested materials will allow us to assist you in your specific needs and meet your budget when constructing a patio.

Call today for a free consultation and estimate and start enjoying your yard to its full potential.